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Our friends and co-conspirators at Studio50, who were our inaugural Paris Lectures speakers, are headed to the Interior Design Show in Toronto. This is one of the highest profile design shows of the year and it all kicks off with an opening party on Thursday night. We wish them well, and know they’re going to rock it.

We’ve been doing some ongoing photography work for Studio50 and thought this a great time to feature some of their gorgeous creations.

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Staging photos for product shoots is relatively new for us. It’s not necessarily simpler than getting an animated toddler in focus, as there are a thousand different light, camera and staging configurations, but it’s certainly fun in a much less chaotic way.

Studio50’s Baum Light stands at over six feet tall. Not only is vertical height often a challenge to photograph, turns out it can also be difficult to stage a standing lamp inside a real lived-in home, as it requires balance between focus on the product and natural placement amongst other furniture. We ultimately opted for a blank wall wide enough to capture the lamp’s dynamic profile and lines.

Below are some older favourite shots of the Rock Bottom Vessel, bar stools, cutting boards, their Wine Portrait, and more. Viewing all the pieces together as a body of work, it’s hard to miss the quality that goes into Kim and Steve’s designs, and as we get to know them and their process more intimately we have a greater appreciation for their attention to every detail, from how their materials are sourced to how a home’s inhabitants will incorporate these designs into their lives. There’s an obvious care that should be reciprocated in their product photography, which is always our aim.

Our dream is to buy (or rent) out a vintage stall at Southworks and use their knickknacks to create charming scenes around Kim and Steve’s one-of-a-kind pieces. Some day. Until then, have fun at IDS, Kim and Steve! Paris represent.


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