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Our upcoming Paris Lectures event on March 30th will be a different format from the norm. Instead of one great speaker, we will have 13 people presenting their unique and wonderful creative ideas. Over the last few weeks we held an open call for submissions and today we’re excited to announce the lineup – a fantastic, diverse roster of projects and people who will no doubt leave us wanting to hear more.

The premise for this event is simple: Each speaker will have two minutes to talk about their work. No sales pitches. No businessy-mumbo-jumbo. Just creative people in our community sharing their ideas, processes, struggles and stories and giving our lucky crowd a healthy dose of creative inspiration. We are so chuffed to be welcoming painters, designers, photographers and podcasters from Paris, Brantford, Kitchener and more. Steve Howes and Brian Jenkins are also generously donating a vintage 1989 Paris town poster for a free giveaway, woohoo! Check out the full list of speakers below.

March 30th Paris Lectures lineup

Jayne Gervais & Kelly Warne Working Hands Project Volume 1


Kelly, a writer, craftsperson, designer and entrepreneur behind Rock Paper Scissors Company, and her cousin Jayne, of Jayne Westcott Photography, are uniting to share their Working Hands project with us, a photography book of hands featuring local artists. We’re eager to catch a glimpse of some of the stunning assets gathered to tell these hard-working stories.

“These artists living double lives working around the clock to provide their families with the things they need, while making their own dreams a reality, are all outlined in The Working Hands Project. The good, the bad, the ugly and the callused hands…”

Ida Adamowicz Day in a Life Series


Ida is a prolific and talented photographer in Brantford. We’re honoured to see a glimpse into one of her projects, a touching series of portraits and every day lifestyle shots of a local mother and child.

“I have started small by photographing people in the Brant Community, but my goal is to travel coast to coast to document the average Canadian’s Day.”

Amandah Wood & Matt Quinn Ways We Work


We’re super pleased to welcome Amanda and Matt from Kitchener to shareWays We Work, one of our favourite current online projects cataloging stories behind people and their passions. The set of interviews and photos are utterly lovely and worth a deep dive pre- and post-event.

Anne & Rick Vernon “Up the Creek without a Table” – Rooms & Blooms


Interior designers Anne and Rick will present a project that sounds whimsical and delightful. They’ll focus on this award-winning project designed for the Junior League of Toronto at their ‘DelecTABLE Designs’ tablescaping event to raise money for charities. We can’t resist good design that accompanies goodwill.

“Our entry was pure folly, a outdoor camp scene where creative paddlers turned their canoe into a dinner Table. We scoured antique and flea markets, ebay and kijiji for props.”

Adele Service My Journey Home


Our favourite Paris librarian has one of the most interesting life stories we’ve ever heard. We’ll leave it to her to share that story, which no doubt parallels her artistic journey.

“My short, old story is that when everything in my life went upside down I instinctively turned to creativity to sooth my aching soul. I could not stop stitching and sewing. I connected to colour and patterns and focused on the tip of my sewing needle and watched the thread go up and down. I then reached for paint and paint brushes.”

Julie Buckrell My art


To us, Julie’s artwork characterizes her as one of the most chill human beings we’ve ever met. We’re not only excited to see more of Julie’s work, we’re excited to hear how she talks about it. She’s been one of our most loyal Paris Lectures attendees (having only missed one event due to the flu) and it’s about time we turned the tables and heard what she has to say.

“I am drawn to using animals as representations of emotions or ideas, combining them with other elements of nature that further add to the symbolism and feeling of a painting.”

Holly O Acrylic painting


Holly O. is one of Paris’ best-known artists with an artistic career spanning decades. Her signature uninhibited bright colours and textures and cheery heckling from the front row at Paris Lectures have kept us on our toes for months, and we’re pumped to have her speak about how she came to live to paint and paint for a living.

“Create an career of art to avoid having to have a real job!”

Kari Raymer Bishop Backyard Beekeeping


Kari is known throughout Paris for the homemade honey she harvests from her porch right here in town. She’s also on the hunt for more land to allow her to grow her honey operations, and we’re positive her entrepreneurial and positive outlook (through the unique lens of beekeeping) will energize the rest of us.

“Everyone stops to ask me about it, so I thought people might be interested to hear a quick summary of what it’s like to take a leap into the amazing and age-old world of apiculture. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Claire Francis Claire She Goes – The Podcast


Claire is a pal we met on twitter, and we’re looking forward to connecting in person! She is clearly dedicated to her podcast series of personal growth and expression. In her first episode, she reviews Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist, from which we actually pinched the motto for Paris Lectures – “The world is a small town”. Small world indeed.

“I have a podcast and I have struggled with the idea of developing it. I’ve considered interviewing people and would like to feature music in the future. The only thing that has held me back thus far is nervousness.”

Tim Des Islets Noisemaker Management


Tim Des Islets is an entrepreneurial Parisian who founded the music management company, Noisemaker, just last year. Noisemaker currently manages the bands The East Pointers, Poor Young Things, Sun K, and Taylor Angus. We are beyond excited to hear how he approaches a business that is centred around supporting creative people.

Karen WettlauferEmergence & Transformation – Found Studio


Karen’s leap into Found Studio to make metal work and jewelry has already led to stunning results. We’re looking forward to an update on her practice and digging into what kinds of inspirations leave their marks on her work.

“An idea ’emerged’ while at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Emerging butterflies, emerging spring weather – working on a series of metal vessels/cocoons to tie into the transition from winter to spring in the studio as well as the transformation of the space to include my workshop.”

Kim and Steve Prokopowich Studio, gathering loft and makers space –


Kim and Steve, our very first Paris Lectures presenters, are returning to the stage for a brief update on the renovations to their new studio location as well as the development of their maker space, which will be sure to have far-reaching repercussions on the creative community of Paris.

Steve Howes and Brian Jenkins Town of Paris Poster (1989)

One lucky attendee will receive this 1989 Paris Map, donated by Steve & Brian

Steve first showed us this vintage Paris poster at our last meet-up with Him and Her. That exchange kicked off a series of serendipitous events (our trip to Thompson Printing had the owners reminiscing) and we are super excited to hear Steve and Brian Jenkins, the original illustrator, talk about their process. They will also be giving one map away to some lucky person in the crowd!

“We went up in an airplane piloted by (future commercial pilot) Brad Cordon and we took photos of the Town. The Poster features many town landmarks like The Junction, The Flats, Coney Island and the list of advertisers is an interesting snapshot of the business in town at the time (some more notorious than others).”

As ever, we’re impressed with the solid creative community that exists beyond Toronto and Hamilton, and we think this lineup is clear evidence of that. Although our event is already sold out, there is a chance for last-minute cancellations (last time, five people had the flu), so sign up on our waitlist anyway and if we can reallocate tickets before the event we certainly will. Either way, be sure to check out more work from these talented folks and lend them your support!

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