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In Paris
There is a classy new joint in Paris, Piper & Oak, an independent home furniture and gift shop of the highest order. We met the owner, Sarah, on one of the rare Saturdays we managed to stay in town and she – and her shop – was delightful.

People who have been in Paris longer than us have said the town seemed to really begin changing when the Arlington, the local historic hotel, was purchased and renovated a few years back. This year it has been purchased again along with the property over the road that faces the river from the corner of Grand River and William Streets.

Within that corner building the upstairs continues to be slated to host events and weddings as it has over the past year. Downstairs, folks speculated a Goodness Me! was coming to town. That prediction never materialized, but now the space has indeed embraced retail after being split into two: On one side of the wall, a spa. On the other, Piper & Oak.

Piper & Oak, whose tagline is “distinctively different home decor and furniture”, just opened their doors a week ago. Sarah began the shop because she recognized a need for something of its kind locally, a place to make finding and purchasing quality housewares easier. We have felt that burn particularly acutely as we attempt to furnish our new home studio, so it is indeed nice to have a shop in town where you can touch fabrics and take an in-person measure of size and proportion.

Sarah’s husband grew up in Paris while she hails originally from Brantford, but together they have lived here for seven years. She left the esthetic industry to begin Piper & Oak, naming it after her dog Piper who has also been around for seven years years.

The shop has plenty to see and touch now, but Sarah will be stocking up further in August. She’s excited about bringing in a new candle line from the States, a long-burning product with a reusable container perfect for holding jewelry or other trinkets. Many of the shop’s items are intentionally dual-purpose like this, like a lovely wall mirror with handles that allow it to double as a serving tray. She also has the ability to custom order furniture she stocks, so if you need a chair in a different leather or a round coffee table instead of a square one, she can order it.

Some of our favourite products fall firmly in the gifts category – the copper cheese knives and ceramic labels, beautifully patterned dishes and flashy gold printed pillows. The shop also stocks a significant number of furniture pieces, and Sarah’s interest in sustainability and modern, clean lines reminds us of Studio50; it’s awesome to see Paris developing a reputation as a pocket of clean, thoughtful and high quality design and curation.

Currently Piper & Oak doesn’t have a website or Facebook account, but find them on Instagram, and certainly be sure to stop by and welcome Sarah to the main street in person.

Note: Like many shops in town, Piper & Oak is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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  1. Like many shops in town a lot are open 7 days a week or at least Monday to Saturday as we are becoming a very touristy town. Hope they decide to open more days, as Sundays and Mondays are some of the busiest days in downtown Paris.

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