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For some, the sequence of Valentine’s Day on February 14th with Family Day immediately following on the 15th can feel like too much pressure for one weekend.

Of course these holidays are intended as moments of respite to appreciate the important things in life, but the commercial and social pressure of doing something ‘special’ can take its toll. Don’t get us wrong – we are intensely grateful for our health, luck, and love. But our family spent our Valentine’s Day a tad bit grumpier than nearly any other day of the year. It was just that sort of day. Bitterly cold. Perhaps too much sugar, not enough caffeine. Anyone else?

There is a children’s book we like called Mrs. Biddlebox: Her Bad Day and What She Did About It.


Spoiler alert: She takes the terrible weather, the miserable grey sky and gloomy fog, the shadows and dirt and all that was bad about having woken up on the wrong side of her bed, and pulls it into a big pot from which she makes a cake. She then sits down at her dining table all by herself and eats the cake entirely in one sitting.

We thought we could learn something from Mrs. Biddlebox and would try to improve our day by damning the cold and getting out of the house for a walk. We assumed the Rail Trail might be beautiful (it was) and have snow packed enough for a stroller (it did not). Moo skipped her nap, so we bundled her up, wailing and flailing into a carrier on Mark’s back. We walked for ten minutes then decided our noses were too cold to walk any longer, at which point Moo of course finally fell asleep. Getting her back into the car woke her again, after which she didn’t fall asleep ’til bedtime.

This made for a frantic evening, but not before we enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful countryside drive.


Unfortunately the camera seemed to freeze up in the cold, so we can only describe how beautiful certain scenery was. Old stone farmhouses with wisps of smoke curling from their chimneys. Huge downed logs, with frozen maple icicles. Blocks of ice strewn along the width of the Grand River. Some lost Canadian geese honking their way across the sky. Rolling white hills revealing peeks of the pink sunset in scenic bursts.


Maybe there is something to February, after all.

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