DT Concert Series

In Paris

Finally, one of us (Mark, lucky sod) was able to attend a DT Concert, the new musical series in Paris. While Cass stayed home with sick babies, Mark confirmed that it was everything we thought it would be and that it totally lived up to the hype.

“How amazing would it be to have concerts here in Paris?” We lost count of the number of times we heard this. Ever impressed by action, we are so proud of our friend Tim for actually making it happen.

This new local venture was envisioned and created by local music manager Tim Des Islets of Noisemaker and The Arlington Hotel. From our bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived perspective, Tim always seems to be on the road, out enjoying life, attending shows. In reality he is working hard to promote the bands he represents. We’re lucky to have a guy of Tim’s talent, expertise and local enthusiasm bringing something new to our little town.


This sell-out night was the second concert in a series of six, presenting the blues musician Steve Strongman who hails from Kitchener and is based in Hamilton. The crowd seemed to represent the three locales, the Paris contingent of course the most raucous and least well-behaved (you’re terrible Paris, we love you). A Juno award winning bluesman, Steve and his band performed a mixture of acoustic and upbeat electric numbers with undeniable talent and infectious energy. The night boasted endless applause and cheers, a sing along, a guitar solo within the crowd and two standing ovations.

You can’t get a more professional outfit than this, with Tim bringing in experts to help with sound and lights, even providing a stage for the series, and of course the Dominion Telegraph staff doing a masterful job of keeping the crowd lubricated at the bar and well fed at the hotel before and after parties.

An evening of Blues in a dark night in a week where snow fell faster than it could be shoveled was a jolt of energy for a dwindling supply, just what was needed right before the holidays. We are looking forward to more in the new year.

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Book your tickets fast, they are sure to sell out – or better yet get your hands on a seasons pass.

Steve Strongman with Michelle and Tim
Steve Strongman with organizers Michelle and Tim

Roots rocker Terra Lightfoot performs next in the series on January the 19th.


  1. it was such an awesome concert and so very cool to have an event like this in Paris…..no need to drive to Toronto anymore!!

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