The Raw Carrot

In Paris
The day we finally ate soup from The Raw Carrot was a cold and blustery snow day. Perfect soup weather. We had been meaning to drop in on them as they are headquartered just up the road from our house at the beautiful old Presbyterian Church (which Moo knows as the Windy Castle from Peppa Pig), but we just never seemed to manage.

We’re glad we finally made it there. We toured the kitchen and said hello to the friendly staff. They were just wrapping up their work for the morning, packaging and labeling soups for freezing, cleaning and tidying their workspaces, but so happy to stop for a moment and chat with us. We left as they were sitting down to their lunch together.

The Raw Carrot is much more than just good soup. We met the co-founder Colleen, a registered nurse, who started the not-for-profit with her business partner Rebecca. She told us about their mission to serve the Paris community by employing people currently on social assistance or with other barriers to employment.

The Raw Carrot co-founder, Colleen
The Raw Carrot co-founder, Colleen Graham

Raw Carrot’s work was even recognized last summer as a first place winner at the Social Innovation Challenge at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Here is where this story comes full-circle, as it so happens that we used to meet at CSI in the early days of Women&&Tech, a project we started to interview women doing awesome things in technology. CSI gave us space when we were trying to get the project off the ground with a group of dedicated friends. Small world. It’s incredible how the simple act of opening doors to community activities can enable important projects.

They serve nutritious meals, with simple, clean ingredients. We opted for the 6-servings package of Veggie Mania soup, and after two healthy adult portions and a bowl for our voracious toddler, we still had much left over. And we can attest: It was yummy!

If you’d like to order some soup or otherwise support The Raw Carrot, look at their ordering info here.


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