Ice On Pinehurst Lake

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We recently returned to Paris, ON after five weeks of pseudo-holiday in central Florida having stayed with Cass’ mom and grandma over that time (thanks Granny Annie for giving up your bed!). We worked remotely, celebrated the holidays, stuffed our faces, made many beautiful memories with family and friends, then it was sadly time to come home.

The differences between suburban central Florida and rural southern Ontario are stark, both in environment and culture.

One of the first things we noticed was the trees. In Florida we swam and wore shorts nearly every day. Up north, it is still rather balmy but there is ice on the ground and all the trees have lost their leaves. Up here there is a feeling of dormancy, that winter is a time of quiet, reflection and storage – storing up energy, thoughts and ideas for spring.

Pinehurst Conservation
Pinehurst Conservation.

In Florida (perhaps because of the holidays, too) the demand for energy was constant.

We noticed traveling around Florida from Disney to Celebration, Winter Park to the Spanish moss-clad trees around the Lake Mary city hall, that nature was usually used as adornment. It was lush and intentional, cultivated to provide boundaries for paths or simply to demonstrate opulence. And it looks great, year-round.

Up north, nature will certainly come back to life in a few months but for now greenery is quiet and mostly used as a resource (from wreaths to firewood).

There is something calming about knowing a period of rest is imminent and unchangeable, yet impermanent.

The contrast in environments is something to be embraced when you’re intending to become lifelong snowbirds, so now that we are in the cold again we are determined to enjoy it. We trekked out to Pinehurst Lake Conservation area just before dark for an icy and unexpectedly misty jaunt. The gates to the park are closed in wintertime, but folks regularly park outside the borders and walk their way inside.

Pinehurst is beautiful, and only a ten minute drive from Paris. We visited a few times last year when the days were warm – the lake is a popular family destination for camping and day trips in nice weather. Moo liked swimming in the shallow water and dribbbling mud all over herself and us. We’ll be sure to get some shots of that next summer, but in the meantime if you are craving a quiet walk, perhaps some alone time where you can just be dormant and mull things over, Pinehurst is a fine place to be.


  1. Really cool post and what an exciting project! You two are so inspiring and I miss you both dearly. Looking forward to hearing more about your future adventures! <3

    • Thanks Ryan, we miss you too. Would be great to collaborate on something in the near future, you are always a source of big inspiration for us!

  2. First, love Jane & Jury Clever, catchy and rolls off the tongue. Second, beautiful ponderings and imagery for January day. Pinehurst has been and continues to be a special palce for our family. When our kids were little we would purchase a pass for the summer. To have sand and shallow water so close to home was great!

    • Jbudd, we love Pinehurst too, we’ll definitely do a summer post when that time comes. Seems like a good easy way to get the family together for a small retreat. And glad you like the name Jane & Jury – we think it’s a flexible one and definitely feels natural to us 🙂 Hope to run into you soon. How about this snow today???

  3. Great idea guys. I look forward to more posts. Kate and I are life long Parisians so it’s always nice to read up on Paris from another’s perspective

    • Maybe you guys can give us some tips about what to go see and do! I’m always impressed when a place keeps its own homegrown people. Usually means it’s pretty special.

    • Thanks Darrin, the photos are Mark’s, except that blurry one I took of him 🙂

  4. Mark & Cassie – Jane & Jury, love it! You both are just so inspiring! Congratulations on this newest collaboration & looking forward to more posts!

    • We are missing you and Mike but your own adventure is pretty inspiring (those of us who can’t take off to Hawaii have to look for the good where we are 🙂 Hopefully this can be a little taste of home for you guys to come back to!

  5. Beautiful posts, nicely laid out, and lyrically beautiful writing and photos.

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