Egg Salad

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Eggs play a role in shaping our lives. We’re not kidding! Here are half a dozen ways.

#1. Motor skills and life lessons
Moo likes to help cook, so during our lunch prep Mark handed her a boiled egg. She promptly smashed the egg shell on the counter into a thousand tiny pieces then went to town trying to peel off each tiny piece. Convinced this would take hours or that she would soon give up, Mark turned his attention to the fridge and mixing the rest of the ingredients while he still had a moment. But minutes passed and finally he began to wonder, what happened to Moo’s egg? That’s when he heard her smashing another egg on the counter. Rushing over to see what trouble she was up to, he looked for the missing egg – and there it was, in the bowl with the other three eggs, smooth and white and perfectly clear of all egg shell.

#2. Seeing yourself through your children’s eyes
When Moo stirs, she mixes once and tastes twice. During the making of this particular egg salad, she had at least three spoonfuls as she stirred. Mark realized this was exactly as he cooks. Like father like daughter.

#3. Long-ago history: The family chicken farm
In the ‘40s, Cass’s grandpa married her grandma, left a cushy engineering job up north, and moved to central Florida to start a chicken farm with his parents. He and Grandma raised their kids to feed the chickens and gather, wash and deliver eggs. Memorabilia like this branded egg carton still adorns family homes, where the spirits of adventure and entrepreneurialism live on.

An Egg Carton from Cass' Family Poultry Farm
An egg carton from Cass’ family poultry farm

#4. Recent history: A good egg
Over the holidays, Cass’ family organized a white elephant gift exchange. We ended up with the last unwrapped package, a gift from Grandma, which was a grey stone egg from her collection and a double-decker Deviled Egg tupperware carrier. Inside the tupperware, written neatly in her school teacher handwriting, was: “There’s nothing like a good egg.” Indeed, Grandma. Indeed.

#5. You are what you eat
Mark teeters on the edge of veganism because eggs sort of make him queasy, while Cass wholeheartedly embraces the protein and Omega 3 laced package. Her roots, after all, are in an egg farm. (We do at least buy our eggs free-range from chickens we know on a friends’ nearby farm.) Moo? Perhaps too soon to tell, but she did identify the four eggs in the bowl as a “family.” Makes you think.

#6. Last but not least, how to occupy a toddler on a cold winter day
Our egg salad recipe calls for a dash of curry powder. We read a suggestion online that a good winter activity to occupy toddlers is to help them explore the senses by letting them smell different spices. Finally Moo is at that point in her development where we can take on more meticulous endeavors like this and trust we won’t be wiping or sweeping up spilled contents. And finally, as parents we are at that point in our development where we can stop and appreciate her.


  1. I love Moo’s grandma, and by extension, you and Moo, and Cassie, too ♡

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